Employment & Vocational Services


We-CAN Employment and Vocational Services 

"Work is about daily meaning as well as daily bread."-Studs Terkel

Project Return offers a selection of personalized support services, employment opportunities, and meaningful work roles for members to choose from in order to achieve the life outcomes that they value.  Types of services members may choose from include:

Volunteer Work

               Members enjoy giving back to Project Return or to the community while developing their skills and confidence through a variety of volunteer opportunities. 

Organizational Employment
Members of Project Return can apply for paid positions that help to facilitate the day-to-day operations of Project Return's services and facilities.

Supported Employment

Project Return assists members to obtain and maintain jobs of their choice and offers ongoing supports.

Supportive Services
Project Return assists members to choose, get, and keep their choice of employment or work role.  Ongoing supportive services available to all members include:
Job support groups
 Access to benefits counseling

On-site job support
Intervention with employers
Career lab 


For more information, please contact the Project Return Center at (813) 933-9020 or Betsy Lanier at blanier@projectreturn.org