Project Return
A Place to Learn, Live, Work, and Recover Happy and Fulfilling Lives

Project Return's services are guided by a blend of recovery-based principles from psychosocial rehabilitation, the clubhouse model, occupational therapy, and other best practices and models.  Our services enhance and support the process of helping people experiencing mental illnesses to recover productive and fulfilling lives.  Services offered are based on a strengths-based model of mental health, working with the whole person towards the life outcomes that they value, rather than treatment of symptoms of mental illness.  People who access Project Return's services become members.  Members are employed by Project Return and are responsible for operating the Center for Lifelong Education, Training, and Development and the Friendship Palms Clubhouse.  This includes clerical/reception, facilities maintenance, ground maintenance, food preparation services, newsletter and public awareness distribution, peer support, Tenants' Council, and community outreach.  The residents' clubhouse at Friendship Palms is completely and solely run by Project Return members.  

As a member of Project Return, members, in partnership with staff, may also create a plan to achieve their life outcomes.  Members proceed with the plan at their own pace and may continue accessing and utilizing Project Return's services and resources with varying intensity for an indefinite period of time.

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