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The Project Return Art program promotes the artistic talents of people recovering from mental illness through the exhibition and sale of their works of art.

Visit The Rhoda Zusman Art Gallery, an extension of the Project Return Art Program.  It is a multi-media art space, open to all concepts of artistic expression.   Learn more about the gallery and shop the one-of-a-kind art created by our Members at ProjectReturnArt.org!

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The Rhoda Zusman Art Gallery promotes our artists in the creative community and educates visitors about mental illness.

The Rhoda Zusman Art Gallery is located at 304 W. Waters Avenue Tampa, Florida 33604. 

Please join us to see and support creative works by people recovering from mental illness.  We appreciate your support!  For more information, contact (813) 933-9020.

You can also enjoy beautiful artwork while promoting our artists.  Host a display of our artists' landscapes, portraits, and abstracts made with dazzling watercolors, acrylics, pastel chalks, and multimedia at your place of business or organization.  

Contact Kerstin Cook at (813) 933-9020 or kcook@projectreturn.org for more information.